Review: XP Spend Policy

Though we aren't a game set up for high powered RP right out of the box, we do appreciate that some characters need a little more to round themselves out. For this reason we've adopted the Beginning XP Policy. This policy, which is used to represent experience in the world of darkness prior to application, awards a set number of experience points which can be spent before before the character joins the grid.

These Bonuses are:

  • 35 points, representing a seasoned character. These are the default template.
  • 75 points, representing a expert character. Players may have 1 PC using this template.
  • 100 experience points, representing a heroic character. Players may have 1 PC using this template.
    • This policy may change as the game progresses.

Please note that when attempting to raise a trait more than a single dot, you will need to pay for all the intervening levels. As example, to go from lvl 3 to lvl 5 in an Attribute, it will costs 45 experience points (20xp to go move 3 to 4, plus the 25xp to move from lvl 4 to lvl 5). Skipping levels with xp is only possible before approval. After approval, players may only raise traits 1 level per xp advancement.

Spending XP

Players may spend xp once every 2 weeks. Because we are a 'slow burn' game, meaning that we are intentionally focused on the growth of characters strengths through RP, there are restrictions on how many traits can be raised or purchased per XP spend. Additionally, no traits may skip levels, meaning that you may not jump from Strength 2 to strength 4 in a single spend.

Experience Point Costs
Trait Experience Point Cost Restrictions
Attribute New dots x 5 1 Attribute every month, with justification
Skill New dots x 3 2 skills every 2 weeks, with justification
Skill Specialty 3 points 2 specialties every 2 weeks, with justification
Merit New dots x 2 Justification required if noted on merit page
Morality New dots x 3 No restrictions

Discussions & Comments

  • I slapped this together. We still need to discuss the templates and the advancement restrictions. I just tossed stuff in there. ~ JL
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