Alt Policy

Alt restrictions are based mainly on the spheres of the characters a player plays. This is primarily to cut back on cross-interaction of alts. Like all games there are limitations to the number of characters a single player can play at a given time. We have outlined the rules for this below.

  • As a rule, all players may play 1 character per sphere. This means that a player may have 1 sin-eater, 1 psychic and 1 Thaumaturge. Additionally, a player may play as many vanilla mortals as they can keep active.

Sphere Restrictions

  • Alts may not be linked or related to one another. This means a player may not play a relative of their own alt, nor may they work at a business owned by their alt.
  • Alts may not act as a source of conflict for one another.
  • Alts may not directly benefit the other through the sharing of information, money or items.

About Freezing Alts

A player may have no more than 2 characters in the freezer at any given time. All alts are required to be registered to the same player. In order to freeze a new character, players will be required to nuke one. Earned XP can be harvested from the bit before nuking, but CG points and Incentive XP may not be transferred or banked at any time.

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