Character Death Policy

In the mu world character deaths happen. These events can sometimes be very unexpected and abrupt and in the cases of long-played or favorite characters, can hit some players pretty hard. In a game centered on interactions and shared story-telling, and where supernatural threats can strike without warning, players need to understand that their IC actions can and will lead IC consequences, such as death. Players should also remember that there are some concepts are more at risk than others, and that by playing a high risk concept, they should be prepared to say goodbye to the PC.

We ask that players remember that Character happen, and that they make every effort to play these situations out well and remember that this is just a game.

  • Despite all of this, Requiem Aeternum does not and will not support the PK of offline characters for any reason.

PK Petitions

Players who feel their PK was handled unjustly have the right to petition the death to staff. To do so they /must/ provide a full log of the entire event. Partial or incomplete logs will not be accepts. Furthermore they should be prepared to discuss the events that led up to the death with head staff.

  • All PK petitions must be submitted within 24 hours of the event or the death will stand regardless the facts.

The Grace Period

In order to allow players a small period to settle into things and learn the ropes, newly approved characters are clearly marked as such on the 'WHO' and will also show in the color 'cyan' in the rooms description. Characters marked as 'new' may not take part in PK-possible scenarios (or be PKed) for 30 days upon approval. The only exception to this rule is in situations where a new character directly instigates a fight or situation that directly leads to a PK situation, such as taunting, threatening or attacking another individual.

In the case of mortals and mortal+, these characters can not be killed and bound for the entirety of the 30 day grace period.

These rules can be optionally waved by submitting a +Request to staff (+Request Grace Waver=<Description>). Players should understand that they are waving /all/ protection by doing this, and open themselves up to PK before their 30 day grace period ends. There are no exceptions.

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