Consent Policy

In MUSHing terms, consent affects how much control you have over your character and their environment. Simply by connecting to Requiem Aeternum and gaining approval, players are agreeing to follow the policies and regulations of this game.

In regards to playing here, we follow the rule of *In Character Actions = In Character Consequences*. What this means is that what players roleplay as their characters will lead other characters to roleplay the consequences of this, and that players should accept these consequences. This includes everything up to, and including, character death. If a player making the choice to have their character commit a crime for which the punishment is death, then the player should expect that if they are caught, the character will be killed.

If a player is ever unsure about a situation and whether the consequences of their IC actions have been played out correctly, we urge those players to contact a staff member to adjudicate.

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