Manifestation and Key HRs

Manifestations to be looked at for clarification and/or HRs

Stillness Rage
Level 1: Defense does not apply against the Stillness Rage.
Level 4: Ignores his victim’s Defense.
Proposed: Follow the example of Pyre Flame Rage Level 4 "All subsequent uses deal aggravated damage"
FC's Proposed: roll for Stillness Rage is Strength + Stealth + Rage - Stamina. Stillness Rage • ignores Armor. Stillness Rage •••• should read that the Sin-Eater may spend 1 additional plasm to ignore the target's Stamina.

Passion Boneyard
This Manifestation is reflexively resisted with a Composure + Psyche roll
Proposed: use a Composure + Psyche (or appropriate power stat) roll

Stygian Boneyard
Look at: Level 5 RE: gates

Stygian Key
Proposed: Staff-approved PrP to obtain

Stygian Marionette
Look at: Stygian Marionette 5

Passion Caul 2
Check the wording: Meant to only be usable for mundane mental skill rolls, and cannot be used to give a manifestation the rote quality.

The Elemental Marionettes
Check the wording: Instead of a permanent Willpower dot, these cost a dot of Willpower which is invested for the duration of the Marionette.

The Stigmata Marionette
Check the wording: The roll to establish a sympathetic connection to a ghost is Manipulation + Occult + Marionette - the ghost's Resistance.

The Industrial Marionette
Check: If you are standing on an object that you're moving telekinetically with Industrial Marionette of Size 4 or lower, you lose your Defense to any attacks. However, you apply a penalty to your attacker's dice pool equal to your rating in Marionette, so long as you remain moving. If you leap off, are knocked off, or otherwise get off of the flying telekinetic object while moving, you must make a successful Dexterity + Athletics roll not to fall prone. All other penalties or bonuses apply in regards to Industrial Marionette while standing on an object you are moving using the Manifestation.

The Stygian Shroud
Check: This power will not redirect attacks back to the attacker – doing this requires both Shroud 4 and a successful touch attack – but will mystically divert the attack to the nearest target within 30'. If there are no suitable targets within this range, the attack hits as normal.

The Primeval Shroud
Check: Primeval Shroud ••• grants the user plasmic talons that are a 1L damage bonus to Brawl attacks using said talons (making Strength+Brawl attacks Lethal; Aggravated if the victim is a ghost). These talons are solid enough to do damage, and thus they are solid enough to also add a +2 to any climbing rolls. It lasts for a scene. Primeval Shroud ••••• makes the talons do 1A to all targets and provide +3 to any climbing rolls.

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